How to Pack Alcohol Bottles for Shipping

How to pack alcohol bottles for shipping

If you need to ship bottles of wine, spirits, champagne or any type of alcohol, you may face some challenges. Bottles are susceptible to breaking, no matter what shipping method you choose. Bottles of alcohol are also often shipped several at a time, increasing the chances that the bottles will crash together and spill their contents.

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Check out these tips for safely and securing packaging alcohol bottles before you ship them.

1. Place Labels on Top of Boxes

Buy labels in bright colors and with the words “This Side Up.” You may also want to buy “Fragile” labels to add to the outside of your boxes. Look for labels with arrows to make it easy for handlers to tell how the bottles should be stored, ensuring bottles stay right-side-up so their weight is on the sturdiest part of the bottle.

2. Use Custom Packaging to Avoid Breakage

The best way to ship alcohol bottles is with custom packaging that perfectly hugs the shape of the bottles, cushioning them from impact. Custom packaging will also conform to the exterior box, ensuring the items can’t move around too much to reduce the risk of breakage.

Bubble wrap, cardboard inserts and other shipping materials are a one-size-fits-all solution that can leave gaps between bottles and the box. Fortunately, Great Northern Fiber Interior Packaging™ fits your bottles exactly. This solution is the best packaging for shipping alcohol because it is customized to the shape and size of your bottles. Whether you’re selling oversize, novelty-shaped or just standard bottles, we create custom packaging that fits your product like a glove.

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3. Choose the Right Box

Look for a box just slightly larger than your bottles to reduce movement inside the box. Shipping multiple bottles? Check the integrity of the material to make sure the box is strong enough to handle the weight. Your box may have a weight standard on it, indicating how much weight it can handle.

4. Choose Packaging to Keep Bottles Separated

Look for packaging that keeps your bottles from touching. If your bottles make contact, they may hit each other during the rigors of shipping and shatter. At Fiber Interior Packaging, we create packaging solutions designed to hold multiple bottles safely in one shipment without touching, shifting or breaking.

Are you ready to ship your new alcohol or trusted classic drink? Contact Fiber Interior Packaging for custom packaging solutions that will get your product to customers intact. Build your brand and reduce returns, breakage and waste with us.

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