Great Northern Fiber Interior Packaging is a cost-effective, sustainable shipping solution for e-commerce products, such as lighting fixtures, that are easily breakable.

At Fiber Interior Packaging, we manufacture molded fiber packaging, which is an environmentally friendly solution compared to styrofoam, bubble wrap and plastic. This flexible material is easy to apply, molding to your lighting fixture for safe and compact transportation. When you use our molded fiber packaging, you can be confident your lighting fixture will arrive at its destination in excellent condition due to our revolutionary packaging materials.

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Easy. Reliable. Biodegradable. 

  • Easy: Drop-and-go solution, requires no assembly, eliminating the need for corrugated die cuts and extra filler.
  • Reliable: Provides excellent cushioning, bracing and blocking of your light fixture during shipment.
  • Biodegradable and 100% recyclable curbside: Molded pulp made from used corrugated and newsprint.

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Fiber Interior Packaging Offers ISTA 6 Product Testing

The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) sets packaging standards for shipping orders that all businesses must follow. Many lighting fixtures feature glass elements or small parts that can easily break during transportation. If you are looking for protective packaging that adheres to ISTA 6 standards for your light fixtures, our molded pulp is an excellent solution. Our product is the perfect protective packaging for your lighting fixtures.

As an Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS) member, our packaging meets Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging standards. In addition, we have the equipment and experience necessary to accurately test the integrity and stability of your package at our ISTA 6-certified laboratory. We also test our own molded pulp packaging material to prepare for every possible experience during distribution, such as vibrations, inclines and compression. With this testing, we aim to ensure your customers receive their lighting fixtures damage-free.

Benefits of Using Molded Pulp to Protect Lighting Fixtures During Shipping

Your end-users expect you to deliver lighting fixtures on time and in excellent condition, so make the right choice with a protective packaging solution that rises to the demands of your company. Our molded pulp is a great way to protect lights during shipping and provides numerous benefits such as:

  • Sustainable shipping material: Molded pulp is 100% biodegradable, making it an environmentally friendly packing material end-users can easily recycle.
  • Flexible material: Our molded pulp will cater to your existing shipping materials for a customizable light fixture shipping option.
  • Simple assembly: Using molded pulp reduces the need for additional materials and assembly, making it a great way to protect your light fixtures without the need for multiple pieces.
  • Lower labor costs: Our molded pulp does not require any assembly, helping you decrease the time it takes to package products to save on labor costs.

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Molded pulp inserts to prevent damage during shipping

We will test your solution.  As an APASS member, we’re trained to support Amazon’s Frustration Free and SIOC Packaging standards and can test package integrity in our ISTA 6-certified laboratory.

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