Great Northern Fiber Interior Packaging makes it easy to ship e-commerce products packaged in breakable containers such as glass jars and bottles used for sauce and salsa.

Constructed from recycled paper yet designed to be extremely resilient, Great Northern Fiber Interior Packaging is a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to foam, airbags, and other types of packaging. We tailor our molded pulp to fit and protect your product, making it quick and easy to load on the front end and help you save on labor. Your end-user can rely on products arriving damage-free with consistent packaging that’s easy to recycle curbside and passes the Amazon Test. Speak with one of our packaging experts to get started.

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  • Easy: Drop-and-go solution, requires no assembly, eliminating the need for corrugated die cuts and extra filler  in order to protect your glass products.
  • Reliable: Our molded pulp packaging makes shipping glass jars easy by providing excellent cushioning, bracing and blocking of your product during shipment.
  • Biodegradable and 100% recyclable curbside: Molded pulp made from used corrugated and newsprint.

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Ensure Your Packaging is ISTA 6-Certified

The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) sets packaging standards for shipments. Glass is the primary packaging for many sauce jars, which makes them more prone to damage. Our molded pulp is a durable solution that provides protective packaging for sauce jars according to ISTA 6 standards.

Fiber Interior Packaging is also an Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS) member, and we are trained to support Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging standards. To ensure your shipping solutions for sauce jars will provide the protection you need, we can test the integrity of your packages in our ISTA 6-certified facility.

We also test our molded pulp packaging to ensure it can withstand common events during the supply chain and delivery, such as vibration, free-fall drops and compression. With our testing, you can be confident your customers will receive their bottled sauces in great condition.

Benefits of Molded Pulp for Sauce Jars 

Over the past few years, molded pulp has seen a boost in popularity due to its flexibility and sustainability. There are many benefits to switching from a foam or plastic packing solution to a molded pulp to help protect your glass sauce jars during shipping, such as:

  • Increasing safety: Our molded pulp products all pass drop and shock tests, so you can be confident your glass product will arrive safely.
  • Helping the environment: Our eco-friendly shipping packaging for sauce jars is 100% biodegradable. As a recycled paper product, our molded pulp is a safe solution for all your packaging needs and does not contain harmful materials for you or the environment.
  • Improving your bottom line: You do not need to perform additional assembly with our molded pulp materials. Our molded pulp uses raw materials & drop and go technology that can reduce labor costs while protecting bottled sauce jars during shipping.

Compare Labor for Fiber Interior Packaging and Alternative Solutions

An order of 1,100 glass bottle packages would require (1) person (1) day to pack using Fiber Interior Packaging, while it would require that same person over (5) days to package the same 1,100 packages using bubble wrap and tape.

Fulfillment Center Applications

Fiber Interior Packaging’s sustainable and cost-effective solution is tailored for e-commerce products in breakable glass jars. Optimize your fulfillment center operations with the following key advantages:

  • Damage Protection – Ensure the safety of your glass sauce jars during transit. Our molded pulp packaging provides excellent cushioning, bracing and blocking, protecting your products from common shipping stresses and ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.
  • Time Savings – Optimize your fulfillment efficiency with our drop-and-go solution. No assembly is required, eliminating the need for labor-intensive processes like using bubble wrap and tape. Save valuable time and resources in the packaging process at your fulfillment center.
  • Labor Savings – Experience significant labor cost reduction. Our easy-to-use molded pulp design streamlines the loading process on the front end, reducing the need for extensive labor compared to traditional alternatives like bubble wrap and tape.
  • Multiple Configurations – Customize packaging configurations effortlessly, Whether its a single jar or a bulk order,our molded pulp adapts to different product configurations from the same part, providing versatility for your diverse product range.


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Molded Pulp Packaging for shipping

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