Types of Glass Jars & Bottles


With so many types of glass bottles and jars on the market, you have some great options. Glass is a great environmentally friendly packaging solution because it is easy to recycle and reuse. When choosing glass for your products, it’s essential to know that every kind of glass has distinct features and characteristics. Different types of glass will be better suited to different types of products. Once you’ve chosen a glass container for your products, the next step is determining how to ship your product safely. Choosing suitable protective packaging and preparing your fragile glass bottles and jars sets you up for success.


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Mist commonly damaged items during shipping

Most Commonly Damaged Items During Shipping

Certain products are more prone to damage during shipment than others. If you frequently ship fragile items, you may be looking for a packaging solution that can withstand the impacts, vibrations, compression and temperature changes of transit.

Use this guide to determine which items are most vulnerable during shipping and how to package them to reduce their chances of shipping damage.

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Benefits of using minimalistic pacakging

Benefits of Minimalistic Packaging

The packaging you choose to ship and protect your products is crucial. Customers want to receive their orders without defects, and you want to make sure that happens. While many businesses use packaging designs to help further promote their brands, sometimes, less is more. Minimalistic packaging is an increasingly popular way for companies to send their products to consumers.

Minimalist packaging is more than a box. The overall design, protective inserts and outer box consist of a highly focused strategy that contributes to the packaging’s minimalism. Learn about the benefits of minimalistic packaging and why it’s important below.
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Standard vs frustration-free packaging

Standard Packaging vs. Frustration-Free Packaging

There are a few different types of packaging for e-commerce businesses, but the most common are standard packaging and frustration-free packaging (FFP). There are some distinct differences between the two, and in this article, we’ll explore those differences and explain the many benefits frustration-free packaging can offer you in today’s e-commerce landscape.

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How to ship fragile items

How to Ship Fragile Items

Fragile items need special attention if you’re going to ship them. Whatever courier or shipping service you use, the right packaging can protect your items and increase the chances your delicate products will arrive in great condition.

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How to pack alcohol bottles for shipping

How to Pack Alcohol Bottles for Shipping

If you need to ship bottles of wine, spirits, champagne or any type of alcohol, you may face some challenges. Bottles are susceptible to breaking, no matter what shipping method you choose. Bottles of alcohol are also often shipped several at a time, increasing the chances that the bottles will crash together and spill their contents.

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Are you interested in implementing sustainable business practices for your e-commerce company? Click here for a few tips you can use to be more eco-conscious.

How To Be More Sustainable When Selling Via E-Commerce

Selling via e-commerce, you’ve likely noticed a trend in sustainable business practices. Today, with more focus on the importance of sustainability, any businesses that are lagging behind need to catch up. If they don’t, they miss out on doing their part to mitigate climate change and attract increasingly eco-conscious consumers.

In the e-commerce space, you’ll note that you have a few unique options for reducing your impact on the environment, particularly when it comes to packaging. Check out a few tips for making e-commerce more sustainable.

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How to reduce the chance of glass breaking during transit

How to Reduce the Chance of Glass Breaking During Transit

You can ship many types of products without using heavy packaging, but glass is fragile and can present unique challenges.

Even when properly labeled as fragile, packages sometimes experience turbulent transportation and rough loading or unloading, so it’s important to use the right packaging. Protect glass during shipping with reliable packaging.

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Molded Pulp vs. Styrofoam®

Ever wonder what your coffee cup is made out of? Chances are it is constructed from expanded foam polystyrene (EPS), also referred to as Styrofoam®. This well-known product acts as an effective insulation method and is commonly used as packing peanuts in shipping boxes.

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