How to Ship Fragile Items

How to ship fragile items

Fragile items need special attention if you’re going to ship them. Whatever courier or shipping service you use, the right packaging can protect your items and increase the chances your delicate products will arrive in great condition.

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4 Tips for Shipping Fragile Items

While you may not have much control over what your items will encounter in the mailing system, you can prepare your fragile items for shipping so they’re cushioned and protected as much as possible.

1. Properly Label the Outside

The best way to ship fragile items is to make sure everyone who comes into contact with your parcel knows to handle it with care. The simplest way to indicate how handlers should treat a package is to apply brightly colored labels marked “Fragile.” If appropriate, add labels indicating “Do Not Drop” and “This Side Up.”

Look for labels that include a relevant symbol in addition to words, especially if your package is going across international borders and may be handled by individuals who do not speak English. Apply the labels on multiple sides of the box so they’re clearly visible from multiple angles.

2. Avoid Empty Space Inside the Box

While labels are a great first start, not every handler will read them carefully. You’ll need to take additional steps to protect your fragile items, like choosing the right box size. Look for a box just slightly larger than your item. If you have too much space around your product, it may shift during shipping or even bump against the sides of the box, increasing its chances of breaking.

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3. Use Proper Interior Packaging

Carefully wrap your item with sturdy layers that absorb impacts and prevent shifting inside the box. Since every product is different, proper wrapping can be a challenge — but custom packaging solutions from Great Northern Fiber Interior Packaging™ will create a perfect fit. Fiber Interior Packaging is a consistent packaging solution designed and tested to ensure it offers the most protection possible.

4. Test Your Packaging

When you close your box, give it a gentle shake to see if it moves around. If you want thorough, accurate packaging testing for important fragile items or your delicate e-commerce products, get your packaging professionally tested. It’s the only way to ensure your items will make it through shipping intact. Fiber Interior Packaging has a certified ISTA® (International Safe Transit Association) 6 testing facility where we can test your custom packaging.

Are you ready to ship delicate items? Do you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your products arrive safely? Contact Fiber Interior Packaging for custom shipping solutions designed for your unique needs.

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