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Great Northern Fiber Interior Packaging makes it easy to ship e-commerce products like paint containers and cans that need strong protection against dents, punctures and leaks. Get in touch to discuss custom packaging solutions for shipping your paint cans.

Constructed from recycled paper yet designed to be extremely resilient, Great Northern Fiber Interior Packaging is a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to plastic inserts, foam and other types of packaging. It is tailored to fit and protect your individual product, such as paint cans, so it is quick and easy to load on the front end, saving on labor. Your customer can rely on their product arriving damage-free, in packaging that’s easy to recycle curbside.

Why Choose Molded Pulp For Shipping Paint Cans?

Customers count on paint suppliers to ship orders on time and ensure they arrive in great condition. Meeting customer demand while implementing sustainable practices can be challenging, Fiber Interior Packaging provides an eco-friendly solution to ship paint stored in a container. Molded pulp is among the best shipping solutions for paint cans, offering various benefits:

Molded pulp is fully customizable for a firm fit tailored to your shipments. A packaging material that holds your items in place while protecting them from exterior damage will help your business satisfy customers every time they order.

Molded pulp eliminates the need for other packing materials, enhancing your staff’s workflow with a single, easy-to-use solution.

This product makes packaging orders fast, leading to greater efficiency in shipping centers and lower labor costs to meet demand.

One of molded pulp’s greatest qualities is that it comprises recycled, biodegradable materials for a sustainable solution with minimal environmental strain that still protects paint cans during shipping.

Achieve ISTA 6 Certification

The International Safe Transit Association’s regulations set standards for the durability of shipping materials businesses use to fulfill orders. Molded pulp is customizable paint can packaging with the strength to ensure safe shipments every time.

Fiber Interior Packaging molds pulp packaging to your shipments for a fit that you can trust to meet relevant regulations. We can also test your solution. As an APASS member, we’re trained to support Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging standards and can test package integrity in our ISTA 6-certified laboratory to ensure your paint cans are packaged as securely as possible. We can subject each order to a series of tests that assess performance in every step of the shipment process.

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How Does Molded Pulp Work?

Molded pulp is a packaging material comprising various sustainable materials like recycled newsprint, paperboard and other natural fibers. Exposure to water dissolves the materials into a moldable substance that dries to fit any shape. Molded pulp can protect paint during shipping with a firm hold that limits motion and prevents damage to the can. When you order this packaging material for your shipping center, you receive a cost-effective solution that facilitates secure shipments and optimal workflow. To start the process, contact us and ask how your shipping center can benefit from molded pulp packaging for paint.

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We carry an in-stock inventory of our standard product options, so they’re ready for fast shipment. Our team can also provide short lead times on custom protection solutions. Want to learn more about how we can help you? You can submit our contact form or call 920.212.4132 to talk to an expert today.

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