Dependable Packaging for HVAC Equipment

Great Northern Fiber Interior Packaging™ is an efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly solution for manufacturers shipping HVAC equipment. This molded-pulp packaging will help your business package orders faster and confidently send them out for delivery.

We develop packaging for HVAC equipment by converting recycled paper into a pulp. We use this innovative material to create a mold for the products you need to ship. You’ll have form-fitting molds that fit securely into corrugate boxes. Fiber Interior Packaging can customize molds for ductwork, grilles, dampers and any HVAC equipment you ship.

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The Best Packaging for Your Business and the Environment


HVAC equipment suppliers know that customers demand fast, affordable shipments. To meet demand while prioritizing sustainability, you need peak performance from every employee and tool at your manufacturing site. The right packaging material can position your business for success.

Fiber Interior Packaging is the ideal shipping material for HVAC equipment suppliers. It is:

  • Easy to use: These premade molds are ready to fill with your products quickly, with no assembly required.
  • Effective: The form-fitting pulp material holds products in place while cushioning against impact.
  • Environmentally friendly: We reuse corrugate and newsprint to develop 100% recyclable packaging.

Are You Shipping Directly to Your End User?

We produce packaging materials for every step in the shipping journey, making Fiber Interior Packaging available for HVAC orders going directly to the owner. Great Northern Laminations provides innovative corner & edge protection to protect your package throughout the entire supply chain. Great Northern Packaging offers an extensive range of recyclable packaging. Whether you’re looking for custom printed consumer packaging or structurally sound commercial packaging, Great Northern Packaging has the exterior packaging solution for you. With Great Northern Packaging, your HVAC equipment will arrive safely in an attractive container that represents your brand. Fill your warehouse with Great Northern Packaging to enhance product presentation and secure its contents during transit.

Shipping Solutions for Any Order Size

Whether shipping to an HVAC company or a customer’s home, Fiber Interior Packaging can help you complete orders of nearly any size. We accommodate individual parcels to entire pallets. Speak with a representative to discuss your shipments and determine your packaging material needs.

Why Choose Molded Pulp Packaging for HVAC Equipment?

Ensure your HVAC equipment delivers on time and in working condition. Fiber Interior Packaging will help you provide the best delivery services for your customers. Here’s how you can benefit from choosing our molded pulp packaging:

  • Efficiency: You’ll optimize your labor budget by using a hassle-free packaging material that boosts shipping center performance.
  • Customization: We’ll develop molded pulp packaging for specific applications to protect HVAC equipment during shipping.
  • Sustainability: Molded pulp comes from post-consumer paper products and is entirely recyclable.
  • Safety: Unlike synthetic materials, molded pulp is biodegradable and won’t harm the environment.
  • Reliability: This durable, form-fitting material will ensure your products arrive at their destinations in excellent condition.

Order Fiber Interior Packaging

Fiber Interior Packaging is a reliable solution for any HVAC equipment supplier. Get in touch to place your order and learn more about how your business can benefit from using our molded pulp packaging.

The Best Packaging for Your Business and the Environment

ISTA 6-Compliant Packaging

Truck Accessories protective packaging

At Fiber Interior Packaging it’s our priority to create great products to help safely ship HVAC equipment. We have the ability to test our molded pulp packaging in our ISTA 6® certified laboratory to ensure it will continue protecting your products in shipping situations such as vibrations, compression and inclines.

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