Packaging Regulations for Fulfillment Centers

Fulfillment centers streamline logistic operations through inventory storage, product packaging and parcel shipment. As part of the overall logistic process, setting packaging standards is crucial for product safety, quality control and regular audits.

Standardizing Packaging Requirements

Beyond product quality and safety, packaging requirements and guidelines are pivotal to meeting customer expectations. For this reason, fulfillment centers establish regulations on the following aspects:

  • Packaging materials: From bubble wrap and boxes to polybags, there are plenty of packaging materials on the market. If you’re looking for a sustainable alternative to plastics, go for molded pulp fiber packaging that is highly resilient to protect products and save on labor costs.
  • Packaging dimensions and limits: Dimensions vary depending on the products and the fulfillment center guidelines. Case-packed products typically have a limit of 150 units per case for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Shipping boxes must also be durable enough to bear pressure or vibration during shipment.
  • Shipping design and labels: Amazon requires sellers to create an easily readable and understandable label on individual units that must be sold as a set. When shipping food products or items with an expiration date, the date should be clearly displayed on the container and the outer box.
  • Other specifications: Packaging rules for fragile items and hazardous products normally follow stringent regulations to avoid damage or potential risks. For example, dangerous liquids in glass containers, vinyl records and sharp items need to be placed in another box for extra protection.

Benefits of Regulated Packaging in Fulfillment Centers

Having a set of packaging protocols offers more than protection of goods. It also helps in operational efficiency and environmental impact by:

  • Reducing costly errors
  • Minimizing shipping delays
  • Limiting waste and emissions

Comply With Packaging Regulations With Great Northern Fiber Interior Packaging™

We help fulfillment centers meet the necessary standards for packaging regulations across industries. We are also a member of Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS), supporting their frustration-free packaging. Contact us today, and let’s be partners for all your packaging needs.