Rethinking the Gift Box to Reduce Labor:
Mrs. Renfro’s Unpacks a Successful New Process

The Challenge

Renfro Foods, a manufacturer of salsas and relishes, expanded their distribution, including the significant increase in e-commerce shipments. They were looking for a new packaging solution that could help minimize the labor that was required to pack each shipment.

The Solution


Gave the customer the ability to see the product versus corrugate when opened


Removed the need for corrugate inserts, reducing the amount of time to prepare each shipment


Biodegradable and 100% curbside recyclable solution

The Bottom Line

Our team designed molded inserts, tailored to the product, to make sure they are securely holding it in place during shipment. The Fiber Interior Packaging solution helped Renfro Foods save significant time preparing their shipments and also allowed for a better, and sustainable, unboxing solution to the end user.

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