Packaging Processes in Fulfillment Centers

Fulfillment centers play a big role in product storage and distribution, from managing inventory and packing products to shipping orders. It is the hub that connects the seller and customers through the order fulfillment process. One crucial part of the fulfillment process is the packaging.

As an essential part of fulfillment centers, proper packaging encompasses several factors. For one, it’s important to provide different packaging sizes, shapes and designs to accommodate various products. The quality, safety and pricing of the packaging need to be considered as well.

Key Packaging Steps in Fulfillment Centers

Packaging in fulfillment centers requires a series of steps for an optimized and secure shipment of products. Most fulfillment centers operate by following these processes:

  • Receiving the inventory: Upon receipt of the products from the seller, the products are stored in their designated area.
  • Kitting and assembly: Depending on the order, products are bundled together to ship them as a single item.
  • Packing the products: The operators use different packaging materials, like foam, airbags or molded fiber, to protect the products during shipment.
  • Preparing shipping labels: Proper labeling is crucial, especially for fragile items. Shipping labels normally include the tracking number, barcode, sender and receiver information and other relevant product details.
  • Shipping orders: After packing and adding the shipping labels, the parcel is now ready for shipment.

The Importance of Packaging Process Optimization

There are several ways to improve efficiency in operations, like technology integration or automation in the packaging process. While these two are effective ways to streamline overall efficiency, there’s a cost-effective technique to optimize the packaging process. Prioritize time and labor savings with a sustainable protective packaging solution from Great Northern Fiber Interior Packaging™.

Optimize Fulfilment Processes With Fiber Interior Packaging

As experts in packaging, we focus on the automation of packaging processes by offering secure, sustainable and tailor-fit packaging. Contact us today for a custom packaging solution that is ideal for all your fulfillment center needs.

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