Lamplight Farms Cuts Labor Costs With Great Northern Fiber Interior Packaging

The Challenge

Lamplight Farms Inc., a Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin-based company manufacturers Clean Burn™ Tabletop Fire pieces and TIKI® Brand Torches. They had been purchasing a corrugated die-cut protective “cap/tray” that required assembly for the high-volume TIKI® Torches. This was causing an assembly bottleneck due to the time it took to fold these. Just as important, the folding repetition was causing health-related concerns among employees.

The Solution


Reduced time and labor in the packaging process


Biodegradable and 100% curbside recyclable solution


Removed the need for repetitive motion that the corrugate material required, reducing the amount of health concerns

The Bottom Line

Our Fiber Interior Packaging solution for Lamplight does not require any folding or assembly. It can be easily and quickly attached to the torch, and remains cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Product with a Need for Molded Pulp Packaging
Before: Corrugated die-cut “cap/tray”
Custom Molded Pulp Packaging
After: Fiber Interior Packaging solution

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