What Is Frustration-Free Packaging?

What Is Frustration-Free Packaging?

Today’s consumers are shopping online more than ever — the convenience of shopping from home and having everything delivered with fast shipping is highly desirable for many shoppers. It’s easy to see that e-commerce is booming and growing exponentially, with billions of packages shipped every year. This increase in online shopping also means increased packaging and waste materials with each purchase made. This means tons of extra cardboard, plastic and other materials, which are often thrown away.

Excess packaging can harm the environment, and it’s also frustrating for consumers. Often, packages are difficult to open, requiring a knife or scissors. And then, once the box is opened, there may be other packaging components, like tape, twist ties, plastic and more to deal with. Frustration-free packaging is the solution to those concerns.

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Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging Program

In response to all of this, Amazon created the Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) program. The concept was introduced in 2008 and had only a few participating brands and products. Then, in 2019, Amazon announced some updates and requirements for this program. These updates have the consumer in mind and are designed to reduce the amount of packaging waste used in online shopping and shipping. There are many benefits to participating in the FFP, but there are a few things sellers need to know about this initiative.

Frustration-Free Packaging Requirements

So, just what does frustration-free packaging entail? Amazon has set forth a few requirements for packages to fit the standards of this new program. Products meeting certain size limits, including those that are over 20 pounds or larger than 18 x 14 x 8 inches, must adhere to these guidelines to be able to ship through Amazon’s fulfillment centers. These requirements include:

  • Recyclable: Packaging for this program must be manufactured from 100% recyclable materials. This generally means the packaging can also be recycled again after it is opened.
  • Ready to ship: This packaging is designed to be able to ship in its original packaging, with no additional boxes or packing materials needed to get it ready to ship to the consumer. However, if the customer is purchasing a gift or does not want the original packaging to show for any other reason, they can elect to ship in an Amazon box at checkout for no extra charge.
  • Easy to open: Another facet of frustration-free packaging is that it is easy to get into without complicated, unnecessary extra packaging that is known to frustrate consumers or need tools to open.
  • Designed for the customer: Essentially, at the heart of all of these requirements is the idea that this new packaging program is made with the customer in mind.

Benefits of Frustration-Free Packaging 

Benefits of Frustration-Free Packaging

Frustration-free packaging offers many benefits, for consumers as well as manufacturers and others in the supply chain. Some of these many benefits include:

  • Offers simplicity: Packaging with too many extra components is frustrating for consumers and difficult to get into. Frustration-free packaging eliminates all of this and offers, at its core, simplicity in design that is far more pleasing and easy to open. It’s easier to pack and unpack, simplifying the whole process from supplier to customer.
  • Reduces package size: With less packaging used, the overall package size can often be reduced. This can mean more room in warehouses and shipping trucks. This saves space and allows for more inventory in the same space as before, which can also save money and other resources.
  • Helps the supply chain: Smaller, simpler packages are easier to store and ship, making warehouse operations easier and more cost-effective for your shipping partners and others in the supply chain. The packaging is also easier to produce by your suppliers.
  • Reduces damage: When product packaging is just the right size — not too big and not too small — they better protect the products inside, reducing the chances of damage during shipment. That benefits customers, who will be more satisfied with your products, and your bottom line.
  • Saves on shipping costs: Less excess packaging can save you money in several ways. With efficient storage and transport, you can save on labor costs. Shipping smaller packages can also save on shipping fees, and fewer damages mean fewer returns and boosted profits for the seller.
  • Offers an eco-friendly solution: Perhaps the most important benefit of this packaging is that it is better for the environment. Fewer resources are used in manufacturing, as well as in shipping. And less waste is produced with the reduced and recyclable packaging materials. Customers can feel good about purchasing your products since they’re reducing their environmental impact.

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Difference Between Standard and Frustration-Free Packaging

When you’re comparing standard versus frustration-free packaging methods, what are the main differences? Standard packaging will generally have excess materials and a shipping box that doesn’t fit the item perfectly, meaning excess space and extra packaging and an increased risk of damage during shipping. The materials used in standard packaging may not be recyclable or made from recycled materials. In addition, standard packaging may be more difficult to open and get the products out and likely requires a knife, scissors or other tools.

How Fiber Interior Packaging Is Used for Frustration-Free Packaging

While there are a few options that work with the frustration-free packaging requirements, Fiber Interior Packaging (FIP) should be your go-to. It is an excellent shipping solution for a wide variety of products. It safely protects your merchandise with minimal packaging, and everything is easy to use and fully recyclable and biodegradable. As a bonus, this type of material meets Amazon’s new standards for the FFP initiative, so if you regularly use Amazon to sell your products, you can easily participate in this great program.

Fiber Interior Packaging is custom-molded to fit your product and hold it safely in place inside of a cardboard shipping box. Custom inserts on the top and bottom protect the contents and are incredibly easy to use. It’s easy for your team to pack up your products quickly and safely, and your consumers will love how easy it is to unpack their items, as well as take care of the packaging afterward.

Choose Fiber Interior Packaging From Great Northern

Choose Fiber Interior Packaging From Great Northern

Great Northern — Fiber Interior Packaging is easy to use, meets all of the requirements of Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging requirements and is eco-friendly and fully customizable. At Great Northern, we also have certified packaging testing capabilities, in which we put your products through rigorous testing to ensure your custom packaging is right for your product and protects your merchandise effectively.

When you work with us, you can be sure you’ve got the best frustration-free packaging for shipping your products safely. Contact us today for more information or give us a call at 800.925.2626 to get started designing your custom Fiber Interior Packaging!

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