Saris Increases Output With Labor Friendly Packaging Solutions

Packaging Solution Summary:  A manufacturer of bike racks, trainers, and other accessories, was looking for ways to increase output and make their packaging more efficient. After switching to Great Northern Fiber Interior Packaging, the company has seen significant time savings and was even able to move employees from the packaging station back to the production line to help increase output.

Customer Background: Saris has been manufacturing cycling infrastructure since the 1980’s and has been dedicated to making cycling safe, convenient and fun ever since. Saris has grown significantly since being founded, now providing a wide variety of solutions to improve the experience for all types of cyclists.

Simplified Packaging Helping to Increase Output
Saris turned their focus on ways to increase output on the H3 production line, knowing their biggest challenge was finding a way to make their packaging more efficient. Having previously visited Saris to talk about Fiber Interior Packaging solutions, Saris felt it was a great opportunity to reach out to see if the solutions we offer would be a good fit.

Molded Pulp Packaging

The H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer is reliable, durable, and quieter than ever before indoor bike trainer. The trainer weighs almost 50 pounds and needed to fit in their current shipping carton. Previously, Saris had been packaging their H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer shipments with five different cutouts of corrugate folded inserts. As you can imagine, the time it took to package all these pieces was significant and was impacting the output they were able to achieve.

“One of the biggest challenges we were facing with shipping our H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer was meeting the Amazon and FedEx requirements, we knew that an alternative solution would have to fit within the box we were already using,” said Sarah Lueck, Senior Buyer at Saris.

Fiber Packaging

After a few discussions and trial samples, Saris was able to move away from the plethora of folded inserts and start using just two parts, a top and bottom, from Fiber Interior Packaging which were engineered to fit within their current packaging. Since switching to Fiber Interior Packaging, Saris has been able to move employees off packaging and back onto the production line which helps increase their output.

“Great Northern Fiber Interior Packaging not only helped us to increase our output but also helped us meet ISTA requirements and offers continued flexibility in shipments based on our build schedule which is significant given our limited floor space,” said Sarah Lueck.


Protective Pulp Packaging for cycle parts

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