How to Save Time Packaging Products for Shipping

Everyone is looking for a way to save time and boost productivity. Your staff works hard to reach their efficiency goals, so arm them with tools that make the job easier. High-quality packaging materials save time and reduce labor costs by expediting shipping processes and protecting packages during transit.

Great Northern Fiber Interior Packaging™ develops cost-effective packaging solutions for any business. Our molded pulp inserts form around any product for rapid packing and reliable protection. Switch today to see how you’ll benefit.

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Different Packaging Materials Require Different Amounts of Labor

Even the most productive crews can improve packing times when they use the right materials. Some options require more labor than others, which means the materials you choose impact your bottom line. Labor-intensive materials waste time and increase labor costs. Bubble wrap requires employees to wrap and tape each item separately. Corrugated inserts take time to assemble various components.

Alternatively, Fiber Interior Packaging fits onto the product in seconds. The drop-and-go design empowers workers to do more with their time.

How Fiber Interior Packaging Solves Efficiency Problems

Fiber Interior Packaging is a hassle-free solution. The drop-and-go design opens the door to new productivity possibilities.

Fiber Interior Packaging comprises fewer pieces than other materials, making each product faster to pack. A bottom piece serves as a base for the product, while the top piece encloses it for secure shipment — no other assembly required.

We’ll send you custom-molded pulp inserts to accommodate any fragile, bulky or irregularly-shaped item. You’ll package any product with a fraction of the labor and time, resulting in significant savings.

Additional Benefits

Fiber Interior Packaging helps businesses save time on packaging and reduce labor costs, yet there’s still more to love. These pulp inserts are biodegradable and feature 100% recycled materials. The custom-fit also braces and blocks products up to 100 pounds to reduce damage.

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